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Never again

Feb. 19th, 2006

03:52 pm - nobody ever knew

so basically i am kinda depressed right now.
i am having no fun.
yesterday was ParkRose competition, and the whole day was drama filled for me.
God. I work my ass off for that team, give up everything I had before it, and it repays me by ryan breaking up with me, sam and fee hating me, everything sucks.
I loooove to dance, but I CANNOT WAIT TILL GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!
just because the seniors will graduate and bye bye.
oh i hope they graduate. haha
so yes. but Ryan still will not speak to me and I think it is really lame.
you know?
so yeah.
i am done
okay bye
ps. we got third.

Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Aqualung

Feb. 12th, 2006

11:35 am - down hill from here?? no..

i haven't been on here in forever, but I needed to get some blogging done.
Last night Ryan broke up with me.
Horrible. over my voice mail
mature yes?
so that is what is going on with me right now.
I am not okay at all but I will be, it just takes time.
you know?
It will really be hard though, to be with him at dance and school all the time.
But I am not the kind of girl to back down into a hole and never show my face.
It is a breakup, everyone goes through them.
I am just determined to stay strong.
I am positive I can do so too.
It is very hard for me to trust people, just a problem I was born with.
And I finally trust him with all of my heart, he repays me by breaking it off with my T-Mobile Voice Machine.
wow. lovely
just thought i would vent.
love y'all

Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: Aqualung

Jan. 9th, 2006

04:37 pm - uhmazing

i am having the time of my life lately. everything is going good at school and wonderfully with Ryan. it is great. ok.
done. haha.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Damien Rice

Dec. 23rd, 2005

06:25 pm - kind of a downerrrr..

today was somewhat of a downer. we i last wrote things seemed to be going fabulous but as far as today goes...not so much.
this morning i was to wake up to shop with my mom at the grocery store.
i woke up at 9:30 and took a shower, then when i got out she told me she had gone at like, 5 am. omg. so i woke up that early for nothing. so basically. thats okay, no big deal.
well Ryan texted me saying he had woken up and call him so I could come over.
Well I was planning on hanging out with my mom all day and helping her get stuff ready, hello it is almost Christmas. So Ryan and I had a quarral and we kinda fought about it and it was really dumb. I understand that he is going through some things with his family but why does he always take it out on me?
and he explained it as, he was just upset he couldn't see me today, but I saw it as more than that.
oh well. so i stayed home and it was kinda nice and baked with my mom and took care of olivia and stuff.
so done for now.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: Misfits

Dec. 21st, 2005

09:27 pm - happy..?

Right now things are going really good.
I got back from California late last night and on the way home i took ryan a frosty, it was really weird.
so anywhoo..
I went to Ryans this morning with Starbucks and hung out with him all day. It was amazing, we are getting along so well. I just love it.
I finally talked with MJ which was good because I miss her really bad.
I still have not wrapped anyones presents but i have them.
Tomorrow I am going out shopping, with myself?
because i still have not gotten anything for my family.
so that is basically it exept i left ryans and my dad mom and sister all left me with the baby to shop and eat dinner. how nice..
oh well. i had bonding time with olivia and finally she is asleep.
i am expecting a call.
so done for now. byeee.

Dec. 16th, 2005

04:24 pm - wow. fridayyy

so today is friday, and we are out of school and let me tell you, it feeeeels reallly good.
can food drive is over
dance is overr
allllllllllllll overrr
i am so glad
i was so tired of school and dance and ugly people at school, omg. it was driving me crazy.
but tonight is a varsity bball game and dance team is doing half time. so. wish me luck bitches.
and then...
tomorrow is the dance team sleepover and then on sunday morning i am getting woken up early and i am leaving for the air port and i am off the california.
wish me luck my plane doesnt crash..
ok. i am done now.

Current Mood: relievedrelieved
Current Music: Stars

Dec. 6th, 2005

08:39 pm - winter breakkk is coming

so winter break is coming
i am excited.

Dec. 3rd, 2005

07:58 pm - things are looking up ^

So the last entry I posted really seemed depressing.
Well, so the past couple days have really changed.
I have the flu, but have been dancing and going to school anyways. and then.
Ryan and I weren't speaking for a little while, but we are now, and all is mended. so yay for that.
then tonight at dance we had a two hour practice, and bam!
we are learning the state routine and I injured my foot, but it is going to be okay and I know I will be dancing again by monday. lol
but besides that things are really going good.
I am so much happier now with everything going on.
woohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. =)

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: the clashhhh

Dec. 1st, 2005

04:30 pm - crrrrazy.

so basicaly i am tired and sick and want everything to be over. i am tired of dance
and the holiday
the weather.
really i am just tired of everything. really.
i have a sinus infection but keep throwing up so i have the flu probably and am miserable
and dance is just lame lately.
and my relationship is just lame. i don't even know. we don't get along about hardly anything and ugh. i am just frusterated.
and my friends, well i only have time for my dance team
and i am not really getting along with any of them lately. either.
oh god. i sound so pathetic and lame but honestly, this is how i feel.
the holiday is usually great, and puts me in an awesome mood, but lately ...
my dad wants me to go to california during the break with him to visit alllll of my great aunts, and there are sooo many.
really, i want to see them, but it is my time off from everything, dance, ryan, my friends, and i have to leave the state? not fair.
and with my father, oh joy.
anywhoo. thats all
done for now.

Current Mood: coldcold

04:29 pm - lskdfjkdsl

danceracheydance (4:26:27 PM): wil best is amazingly rude.
danceracheydance (4:26:46 PM): i don't know why i am friends with him.
danceracheydance (4:26:50 PM): oh my.
blamboom explode (4:26:50 PM): haha, yeah. but i like him.
blamboom explode (4:26:54 PM): he got a pin for me.
danceracheydance (4:27:01 PM): i told him to give it to you.
danceracheydance (4:27:03 PM): haha.
danceracheydance (4:27:20 PM): he showed it to me and i said "tim mcnutt would love it."
danceracheydance (4:27:27 PM): so he said "should i give it to him?"
danceracheydance (4:27:32 PM): and i said "yesssss"
danceracheydance (4:27:34 PM): yay.
blamboom explode (4:27:39 PM): lame. he's a little less cool now.
blamboom explode (4:27:40 PM): haha.

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